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ChatGPT is all the rage in the world of AI/ML.

What might it mean for the Healthcare Industry? ⬇

First, what is ChatGPT? Formerly, Chat Generated Pre-Trained Transformer, is a long-form question-answering AI. Introduced by OpenAI, the technology is trained to learn what humans mean when they ask questions and then provide ‘intelligent’ human-like responses in a conversational manner – written or spoken.

It is more than the chatbot that many of us experience (and get frustrated by) today. Experts expect that ChatGPT will have the power to dramatically change the way humans interact with computers and change how information is retrieved and compiled.

What might that mean for consumers in the healthcare space?ChatGPT can be used in healthcare to provide patients with personalized healthcare information and guidance.

For example, it could be used to answer medical and medication questions, suggest behavioral changes to improve mind and body wellness, or provide information on medical treatments based on inputs from the patient.

ChatGPT tool for providers can help streamline time-consuming administrative tasks, such as preauthorization notifications, appeal letters, medication adherence follow-up, and personalized post-hospital stay care instructions.

Reducing the burden of administrative tasks allows providers to focus on patient care and enhance the patient experience.

Using ChatGPT to improve patient education and provide answers to common patient questions based on their unique set of circumstances can also increase patient engagement and foster improved communications between patients and providers.

Now is the time to research ChatGPT – the potential benefits, risks, and costs to each of your business units and as part of your 2-3 year business strategy.

Develop criteria and KPI’s that will drive your most important use cases and identify the skill set needed to support the development and implementation of ChatGPT.

Has your organization identified use cases for ChatGPT? 📝

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